Double-deck bright sunplate
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摘要:板材内壁布满水晶小颗粒,形成朦胧的视觉效果,使得采光均匀,光线柔和,不会形成光带,减少光污染,具有很好的美学视觉效果及耐磨性。 应用范围:室内屏风,空间隔断,通道采

    The inner wall of the sheet is covered with small crystalline particles, forming a hazy visual effect, making the lighting uniform, light soft, will not form a light band, reduce light pollution, has a good aesthetic visual effect and wear resistance.
Application scope: indoor screen, space partition, channel lighting, shower room, etc.
Colors: transparent, Lake blue, brown, etc. (Various colors can be customized)
Thickness: 4mm-20mm
Size: 2.1 m wide, 6 m long (customizable)

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